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If your lab uses an excimer laser ablation ICP-MS system (LA-ICP-MS), a new technology is available which can save you both time and money.

Laboratories that use an excimer laser system must perform gas exchanges at regular intervals. Missed gas exchanges can cause a host of problems, including expensive damage to the laser cavity. The ExiCheck Gas Exchange Accessory can save your laboratory from expensive repairs by automatically performing gas exchanges.


  • Saves time with automated gas exchange
    - Easy to use
    - Worry free
    - Unattended operation
  • Maintains peak performance
  • Reduces laser wear
  • Extends laser lifetime
  • Eliminates error
  • Enhances safety - no human interaction with ArF cylinder
  • Protects against end of bottle problems
  • Includes a low gas pressure alert
  • Works with Excite and Analyte G2 Systems
  • FREE system health check with installation

ExiChec_IMG_2979.pngThe ExiCheck automatically exchanges the ArF gas in the laser cavity at a preset interval to ensure the laser is always in peak operating condition when you need it, giving you all the performance of an excimer laser with the walk-up-and-run convenience of a solid state laser.

With ExiCheck, you can shut down the laser system and leave the lab with full confidence that the laser system will be ready to use when you need it.