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Discover a new choice in ICP-MS Low Volume Sample Handling - The MVX-7100 μL Workstation

Teledyne CETAC's new MVX-7100 μL Workstation pushes the boundaries of ICP-MS applications. Join us for this complimentary webinar on September 23rd to learn more about how the MVX-7100's unique capabilities can increase lab productivity. This syringe driven workstation allows for sample volumes as low as 5 μL, reduces exposure to acid fumes and enables you to run more samples. 

This webinar will cover a variety of applications best suited for the MVX-7100. Please join us for this complimentary webinar on September 23rd. 

Mr. Brian Cook (Automation Product Manager) will be presenting this webinar and will cover the following topics: 

• Reduce reagent and sample usage 
• 96 and 384 well plate compatible 
• Sample mixing 
• Internal standard practices 
• Septum piercing applications 
• Syringe rinse for improved baseline performance 
• Advanced sample aliquot handling