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U5000AT+ - Detection of Uranium in a Very Hard Water Matrix Using Ultrasonic Nebulization

Uranium is a regulated element in drinking water per the USEPA guideline of an MCL (maximum contaminant level) of 30 micrograms per liter. Human health risks from long-term exposure to elevated uranium levels indrinking water can include impaired kidney function and cancer.

Uranium in groundwater can occur from natural leaching of mineral deposits; subsequent very hard water matrices are present in areas such as southeastern United Kingdom and southern Germany. This webinar will examine the utility of coupling an utrasonic nebulizer (USN) with an ICP-AES instrument for improved detection of uranium in a simulated very hard water matrix.

Dr. Fred Smith, Teledyne CETAC Nebulizer Product Manager will be presenting this webinar and will cover the following topics:

• Uranium and Associated Health Concerns
• Very Hard Water and Its Prevalence
• Ultrasonic Nebulization and ICP-AES Signal Enhancement
• Matrix-Induced Spectral Interferences on Uranium
• Choice of Uranium Wavelength
• Calibration and Detection Limits