sdx-hpld.pngSDX High Performance Liquid Dilution System 

Looking for a preparation solution that generates accurate, precise data?
The SDX-HPLD is a simple, straight-forward automated dilution system based on the robust, industry-standard ASX-560 autosampler. It dilutes in the same way you do by hand: volume-to-volume dilution, with a highly accurate syringe pump and with unique VORTEX mixing.
The SDX-HPLD uniquely offers the following benefits:
  • Prescriptive Dilution (2x to 5000x)
    • Saves laboratory staff time and effort
    • Accurate and precise unknown sample dilution
    • Calibration standard dilution
  • Responsive and Intelligent Dilution 
    • Automated re-analysis and sample introduction for:
      • Samples exceeding calibration range
      • Samples with supressed internal standard
  • Realtime Sample Homogenization Prior to Introduction
    • Supports sample homogeneity and data integrity for matrices that may settle
The SDX High Performance Liquid Dilution is the idea solution for aqueous and acid base sample prep for your ICP and ICP-MS. If you need straight-forward, fully-integrated automated dilution for your ICP or ICP-MS, the SDX-HPLD is the ideal solution for you.
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Prescriptive Dilution

Auto-Standard Prep
The SDX can prepare your working calibration standard solutions from the same source stock standard allowing generation of linear calibration lines whilst removing the potential of manual dilution error.  Calibration standard solutions are diluted and homogenized immediately prior to analysis.  Correlation coefficients of >0.999 are routinely achieved from calibration lines generated via auto-standard preparation.


Prescriptive Dilution
Unknown samples can be diluted within the range of 2x to 5000x on a sample per sample basis.  Unknown samples can simply be transferred to sample tubes and placed in racks on the ASX-560 autosampler and the dilution factor defined in the ICP instrument operating software.  The SDX system will dilute and homogenize sample solutions immediately prior to analysis and removes the need for time-consuming and potentially error prone manual dilutions.

Responsive and Intelligent Dilution

Failed Internal Standard Dilution
Laboratory quality control protocols demand that the internal standard signal for unknown samples falls within a specific tolerance (± %) with respect to batch blank solutions.  The SDX will respond to any samples that fail to meet this requirement, re-diluting them at a greater dilution factor and re-introducing them.  This response brings the internal standard of such samples into line.


Exceeding Calibration Range
To minimise analytical error, if a sample exhibits an analyte signal greater than that of the top calibration standard then the SDX will respond by re-diluting it at a greater dilution factor and re-introducing it.  The new dilution factor is calculated by the ICP instrument operating software to bring any such samples below the concentration of the top calibration standard.

New! Features that optimize the liquid flow path to improve your sample throughput
SDX with shelf-front-high NEW! Shelf mount for the Syringe Pump module and improved syringe valve
cq5dam.thumbnail.250.250 Spectro ICP Analyzer Pro Integration with Thermo Scientific™ Qtegra™ ISDS Software, Spectro ICP Analyzer Pro Software and integration with other ICP partners coming soon

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Video demonstration on the features of the SDX-High Performance Liquid Dilution System by Teledyne CETAC Technologies. No other system with vortex mixing on the market today!

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Watch this webinar to understand how a simple approach of auto-dilution works in conjunction with ICP (OES and MS) applications. Insights on how auto-dilution can be used in conformity with existing regulations will be provided with practical examples and applications, for example the analysis of wastewater samples for the environmental sector.

Setup of the SDX in the Qtegra Software

Video tutorial on how to add auto-dilution system to the Thermo Scientific™ Qtegra™ Intelligent Scientific Data Solution™ (ISDS) Software


Thermo app note - USEPA Method 200-7 image

U.S. EPA Method 200.7 - Wastewater Analysis for Trace Metals Using an Auto-Dilution System Coupled to the Thermo Scientific iCAP 7000 Plus Series ICP-OES Application Note

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Automating Mining Extracts using the SDX HPLD High Performance Liquid Dilution System - Precious Metals Extracts in 50% Aqua Regia

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Automating EPA Method 200.8 using the SDX HPLD High Performance Liquid Dilution System


SDX Poster TP09b Intelligent Dilution systems for ICP OES and ICP MS

Poster - Intelligent Dilution Systems for ICP-OES and ICP-MS