Show your autosampler some love with a new enclosure! ❤

Valentines promotion on an ENC-550 - FREE SHIPPING!*


Have you been neglecting your autosampler? Has your autosampler been working hard for you? Why not show your autosampler some love by purchasing a new enclosure (ENC-550) and get free shipping.

The ENC-550 Anti‑Contamination Enclosure protects your samples and your bottom line. Impurities from foot traffic, long overnight runs, ceiling tiles, air-conditioning and dust can all wreak havoc on your
trace element analysis. The ENC-550 has got you covered for clean automated analysis.

Some of the benefits the ENC-550 will provide:

  • Contaminant Minimization: Covers samples to protect them from environmental particulates.
  • Fume Displacement: Noxious and corrosive gases are vented away from the work environment, protecting
    equipment and personnel.
  • Inert Atmosphere Capabilities: Available feed-through charges enclosure with non-reactive gas, safeguarding integrity of highly sensitive samples.

Limited quantity available so don't disappoint your autosampler.  Get your enclosure today!

*Standard Terms and Conditions apply. / Offer valid in USA and Canada only.
Offer ends April 30, 2018 or until inventory runs out, whichever is sooner.
Not valid on other enclosures offered by Teledyne CETAC.

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