Introducing the New 7-Port Valve for Your 
ASXPRESS® PLUS or ASXPRESS® Rapid Sample Introduction System

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Upgrade your sample injection using integrated internal standard addition with the new 7-port switching valve.

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  • Offer only available until September 30, 2017. 
  • Offer valid in certain locations.*See bottom of page for list of countries.

Benefits of the 7-Port Valve:

  • Eliminate the mixing tee for on-line internal standard addition (between the 6-port valve and the host ICP-AES or ICP-MS nebulizer)
  • Simplify the setup as there are two fewer connections to make since the mixing tee is no longer used
  • Reduce risk of liquid leaks or blockage, which can cause improper addition of internal standards and poor analytical results
How does this affect you if you have an ASXPRESS® PLUS or ASXPRESS® with a 6-port valve?
  • Direct replacement of the standard 6-port valve (SP6541). The side hex screw is loosened to remove the 6-port valve and the 7-port valve is installed in its place. (Less than 1 minute to perform).
  • Same robust, acid resistant PPS (polyphenylene sufide) material as the 6-port valve.
  • Same port size as the 6-port valve; note that the new 7-port valve is intended for aqueous applications.
  • The 7th port (central position) allows direct flow of internal standard solution into the sample path; a liquid uptake line with fitting is provided.

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*Offer valid in the following countries: USA, Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden.